Envisionard powers Amealio a unique marketplace for Personalized Social food experiences.

Marketplace for Personalized Social Food Experiences

Amealio is focused on making going out and eating a happy and enjoyable experience. It provides frictionless Discover, Explore, Engage, Pre-arrange and Personalize variety of your ordering choices with restaurants on a Social Engagement platform. Amealio is positioned to disrupt and democratize the experiences in the hands of users with AI, sheer power of technology and partnership business model is built to scale the experience across the globe faster than ever.

Experimenting for the FUTURE with conversational AI

Amealia is our experiment with conversational AI, it is your smart voice assistant on the AI-enhanced platform Amealio, designed to enhance your experience more personalized and memorable at your command. Amealia uniquely simplifies your experience of food ordering and will be accessible through voice enabled devices such as Google Nest and Alexa. Leave your order with Amealia and let her handle those special occasions.

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