Fueling Tomorrow

We power the marketplace of experiences combining the latest cutting-edge tech in Voice , Mobile and AI.

Convenience at your Command. Literally.

One step closer to a Perfect experience on mobile and voice assistants simplifying our day-to-day lives in real places.

Hyper-Personalized experience.

The marketplace for Foodies - Discover, Explore, Engage, Order, Pay, and much more. Transforming convenience to the next level of personalized experience with the power of AI.

‘Pampering’ for you.

Our newest yet to release towards the end of the year 2021 - an Exclusive escapade with voice assistant at Spa, Salons and Wellness and other services small businesses, the first voice assistants to be deployed at commercial storefronts as a virtual receptionist.


Business with Purpose

Making a true impact in a real sense in every place we do business is our model. We partner with local NGO's identify social causes, contribute resources and involve the youth in giving back to society through our Udbhav Foundation.

Join Us in Creating the Future

We create platforms driven by unparalleled innovation for tomorrow and love to work with passionate and valuable teams.

Voice Is the Future

Voice Interaction is certain to disrupt and transform everything as we know it today – industries, lives, and economies in more ways than we could imagine. At Envisionard we are on the mission to bring the power of voice to the masses and to solve real problems.


Innovating at Scale

We power end-to-end user experiences Marketplace platforms like Amealio and Amealia,  Our products are built with Voice, AI, and Mobile technology to create a personalized seamless and immersive experience for end-users in F&B, Hospitality, and Service. The fundamentals of Envisionard’s business are solid, robust, and resilient, our business model and experienced team enable us to scale it faster across geographies and realize long-term growth.​

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We take technologies to apply at scale to things that matter the most to create a Hyper-Personalized experience


Latest technologies like Voice, AI, ML, and Mobile to create seamless access and immersive conversational experience.


Our platforms enable experiences with cutting edge technology so that happiness can scale


Our work has a visible impact and experience a unique work culture



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