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Voice Is the Future

Voice Interaction is certain to disrupt and Transform everything as we know it today – Industries, Lives, and Economies in more ways that we could imagine.

The fundamentals of Envisionard’s business are solid, robust, and resilient, our business model and experienced team enable us to scale faster across geographies and realize long-term growth. Hyper personalized user-centric B2B2C platforms and pay-per-use IaaS (Innovation as a Service) options for businesses in F&B, Hospitality, and SMB Services give us a competitive advantage for faster penetration into markets user acquisition and better retention.

We’re constantly evolving and innovating to Define New Frontiers of Experience in a variety of industry segments that are awaiting disruption, we’d love for an investor who believes in our philosophy of innovation at scale. Our goal is to help businesses to leverage existing resources, enabled by technology to create a great experience and exponential value.

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