How do you react when you’re happy? You want to share it with others, don’t you? Similarly, when something upsets you or you’re in need, you want to be heard and helped. We as humans tend to rely on people around us for support but how often, do we receive what we’re looking for? The need today is beyond understanding another person’s suffering, it is about talking initiative and extending a hand. No change in history took place without a revolution, just in case you were wondering why we wanted to revolutionize Empathy. This need to socialize in a certain way is an ingrained human trait. Helping our community gives us a sense of belonging. When you see people sleep on the streets or eat out of trash cans, doesn’t it make you appreciate what you have, more? What we’re trying to shed some light on is that, apart from appreciating what we have, we also need to share it. Giving back to the community can’t just be an occasional occurrence but it is a way of life.

Why is it so important to give back to the society/community?

What is life about? Aren’t we always trying to find meaning in life? How do we find ‘meaning’ in life? Ever had these questions troubling you? Well, you are not alone. At Amealio, when we are trying to bring food to you at your convenience, we also understand that there are many who can’t afford food. Isn’t giving back to that brethren a worthy thing to do? The secret mantra to a happy life is understanding that, ‘living is giving’. Meaning in life can’t be equated with what you have or what you get, it is always about what you give.

How can you give back to the society/community?

  • Find your purpose: When we ask you to find your purpose, we aren’t just asking you to look for what makes you happy but what gives your life a meaning. One might say, performing well at my job or making more money makes me happy but dig a little deeper. What gives you actual fulfillment? When you get a raise at work, don’t you want to share it with your loved ones? One almost always wants to share food but would you like to share it with someone who can’t afford to give you back? Through Amealio, we try to help you reach out to the needy. When you refer a friend/family of yours, we contribute Rs 50 to people in need. It isn’t humanly possible to help everyone, but our team of driven professionals is happier than ever help you spread the joy. This way, you are also making a difference in the lives of those who don’t share the same fortune as you.
  •  A small start but an early start:You can’tkeep waitingto help people in need and you can’t eradicate poverty alone. What one needs to help and give back is to start today! It can be as small as one time’s meal for someone. Have you ever wondered why you haven’t started giving back already? Is it because you feel you don’t have enough money or time? Well, how much is enough? The deficiency isn’t in resources but in resourcefulness. We can’t emphasize enough on the fact that, ‘giving back is a way of life’. If you keep waiting for the right time to create a difference, you might end up not creating any.
  • Understand the importance of the Ripple effect: Have you ever thought what makes people we idolize so special? What is one similarity amongst Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rolling, Serena Williams, Mother Teresa, and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam? They all gave back to the society in whichever way they could. They changed millions of lives. Now, you ripple doesn’t have to be that big, but you can certainly change one life. Once you start a life of giving back, you’ll notice that people around you also want to give back. Positive changes run in chains, it’s like a ripple effect.

  • Finding the right fit: Do you like wearing clothes that aren’t the right size? Would you like a chair that isn’t comfortable? Can you contribute back to the society like everyone else? The answer to all these questions is a big ‘No’! Finding the balance between what you are passionate about and how that can be converted into meeting a need is true Avant-Garde. A lot of us visit Old Age Homes because, well, it’s what a lot of others are doing, but do you actually invest your time and energy into understanding the needs of the elderly? One must find ways of giving back that fir their ideals and not just make empathy about spare change.
  • Your life is your biggest resource, embrace it: If you think that only heroes help others, you have limited your mind. No one can take away that individual glimmer off you. The idea of giving back isn’t only benefitting people at the receiving end of it but also give you a sense of personal fulfillment. You are your own resource and what you do defines you and not the other way around.

Giving back can’t be something you did because someone told you or because it made sense at a certain point of time. It is a process, one which involves a lot of self-growth on your part as well. If you can’t help monetarily, you can always run awareness campaigns; online and offline because if you’re reading this, you already have access to more than 30% people around the globe. Amealio has also partnered with NGOs and if any of the communities we work with interest you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re all here to find that bigger fulfillment and why should anyone be left behind? A little of your time and effort can change another person’s whole life around. What is stopping you from taking that leap?