Say No to Crowding Queues

Are you waiting? In the 21st century?  In an era where we can instantly buy transcontinental travel and a swipe of your hand will set things right for you, queueing up does not exactly scream “the future”.

Looking back, restaurant reservations were made over the phone, and the staff would handwrite your name and contact information to reserve the table. This is still happening in many places in the digital world we exist in today, resulting in a loss of time for staff members that could have been spent doing something more important. Nowadays, an increasing number of consumers want to manage everything themselves, without any intervention, and all of it online, and this change in lifestyle, not only warrants systemic change but also on an industrial scale!! There are several advantages to using an online booking system, including the fact that it not only saves you time but also streamlines the entire process and makes it more effective for all users.

We polled thousands of our customers, and a whopping 92 percent or more of them expressed their dissatisfaction with waiting in line for tables in restaurants. It becomes more difficult, especially if you are in a large group. According to a survey, 64% of customers believe that an online booking system is one of the most crucial restaurant services. Restaurants that use the waitlist management features of reservation systems benefit from a predictable outcome of the day.   What should you do nowadays if you want to take a group out for a reasonably priced meal at an interesting new restaurant? With no reservations. Are you looking for an alternative? The Amealio app may be able to assist you in making sure that everything runs smoothly. Customers on Amealio can join a waitlist directly from the app. It’s widely assumed that no hungry diner would consider standing in line if he could avoid it, so Amealio can make your ordering experience pleasant and relaxing, away from the hot glare of a dozen ravenous diners saying, “Look at their food,” while waiting in line, and saving you from being the one glared at.

The benefits of AI in the restaurant industry extend beyond simply improving the guest experience. Real-time problem-solving technology that will assist and respond to your inquiries. Personal AI assistants are responsible for the initial connection between consumers and restaurants; AI has transformed every aspect of the industry. And, while customers are kept engaged at every stage of their request with the restaurant, even if they choose to reschedule their previously scheduled reservation due to personal delays, they still receive significant value from that personal decision. By managing their operations, AI has infiltrated all aspects of modern restaurants. Restaurants that use the AI algorithm not only reduce customer wait times but also make them happier and fulfilled!

Reformation is important in all aspects of life, particularly in business.

Online reservation systems allow clients total flexibility to make a reservation without any physical contact, while also providing restaurants with the option for effective table management.  

Due to COVID19, the safety of our consumers has become a concern for all, therefore there will be no more waiting in line, since online bookings reduce the waiting time. Amealio is the friend we all need, since it will save you time by allowing you to make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, and once you’re at your table, it will provide a live video of your food being cooked. Our primary goal is to have a pleased customer.